getting it wet - NeverUntieMe trying to get enough slobber on the Blue Diamond Trading Co. snowman hook to fit it in her tight bottom…

bound and defiant

work time bondage - giant breasts bound at work.


Red Rope, Red Hand Print, Silver Ring, and Hook

hook and ring by Blue Diamond Trading Company

hard nipple and white rope

playing coy in rope with pandora


Rainbow Socks and Anal Hooks

NeverUntieMe rocking the sox and hook look at the abandoned hospital

Hook by Blue Diamond Trading Company (who else really?)


In position

Waiting for a well deserved spanking


alli-stark post caning and ready to do as she is told

3 Little Piggies went to the abandoned building…One ends up with an anal hook and rope suspension (check back)

saran wrapped and bound - waiting for the cane

Alli Stark

NeverUntieMe first suspension. urban renewal as the woods overtake the graffiti

Hook In - 

Hook by Blue Diamond Trading Company

Booty by NeverUntieMe

"eyes on me pet"

Alli Stark in bondage