MissAliceXoXo brought her own rope to shoot…


I like these forms of bondage that can be worn publicly. Some are more hidden than others, but they’re all subtle. I like the idea that my slave is in bondage, constrained, even in public, though no one knows. The illicit excitement is part of the thrill, and part of it is my public sense of ownership.

Two of mine in there - Damiana on the subway and koi pumping gas…

Enjoy @starkarts

Street Sighting - Bare breasts and bunny ears. Knee high boots and a fur vest to complete the scene

Model - Kishti

Photographer - JCPhotomedia.com (me)

Kishti with fur and rabbit ears (and a very short skirt)

Fisher21 in Detroit - Needed a model in the worst way that day

Heavenly Body (Bawdy) in a gas mask on the D train 

malmartine rocking latex in thompkins square park 

Beauty Foster Bound in the street - green docs, amazing curly hair and rope

Vae Victae in Covington Ky looking at Cincinnati - Nude and Freezing

Domme with large strap on

malmartine in black and white - pierced nipples, scary scissors, and a plan. The goddess awaits


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Found this one of Damiana that I took 5 years ago… Thanks

Spinning like a ballerina

Thank you to all the recent followers -

you guys and girls rock - i appreciate the loves and reblogs. It makes me feel validated as an artist. This has all been a labor of love. The rare time a magazine or collector wants an image is far outweighed by the time that i take to create the images. The models have all worked in a trade capacity and without them this would all be impossible. Thanks to each and everyone and i recommend you check them out when possible. If i don’t name them it’s because they have asked not to be named….

thanks again. 


PS - if you or someone you know is going to be in the NYC area let me know. I would love to shoot you….